Saturday, May 25, 2013

Add Captcha in IQ Testimonials( Wordpress Plugin ) Form

If you need to add captcha to stop spam on Wordpress IQ Testimonials Plugin Form ( as captcha is not inbuilt in the form

First We need to Install and activate wordpress plugin Flexible Captha (

Once this Plugin is activated successfully .
Add below code in plugins/iq-testimonials/lib/iq-testimonials-form.php file
First to display Captcha filed above submit button in  the form add below code
$html .=  do_shortcode('[FC_captcha_fields]' ) ;

(just before this line of code almost line no.257)
 $html .= '<input id="submit" name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" />
Now to put functionality of verifying captcha text Add below lines of code almost after line no 69

 global $FlexibleCaptcha;
 if (!$FlexibleCaptcha->check_captcha_val()) {
  $result['valid'] = false;
  $result['reason']['FC_captcha_input'] = 'The entered text did not match the captcha image.';
  $formerrorBits['capt'] = true;
        $formerrors[] = "<p class=\"iq-testimonials-error\">The entered text did not match the captcha image.</p>\n";   
     //$form_errors_present = true;

Above code can be added before this existing  code in the file
if ((empty($email)) && ($form_email == 'true') && (empty($email_field))){
   $formerrorBits['email'] = true;
   $form_errors_present = true;